Mr Webs Expert pay per click services are designed to get the most bang for your buck. Of course, our ultimate aim is to get you that very top spot in Google search results with smart and well-researched Adwords campaigns. However, in addition to getting that coveted top spot, our keyword research, ad copies and landing pages are designed to maximize your lead generation with the optimal cost per click. Our certified PPC team in Mr Webs Expert consists of industry experts with years of experience running PPC campaigns for businesses in a variety of industries. And our streamlined process helps make your campaigns more efficient.

We begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your current campaigns to gauge their PPC performance. Through A/B testing, we pinpoint the areas that need improvement. This audit helps us determine whether we can build upon your campaign or need to develop it from scratch.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: What Is PPC & How Does It Work?

If you have ever noticed the advertisements that appear alongside search results on Google and other search engines, you are already familiar with pay-per-click, or PPC advertising.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads.

There are different types of PPC ads, but one of the most common types is the paid search ad. These ads appear when people search for things online using a search engine like Google – especially when they are performing commercial searches, meaning that they’re looking for something to buy. This could be anything from a mobile search (someone looking for “pizza near me” on their phone) to a local service search (someone looking for a dentist or a plumber in their area) to someone shopping for a gift (“Mother’s Day flowers”) or a high-end item like enterprise software. All of these searches trigger pay-per-click ads.

In pay-per-click advertising, businesses running ads are only charged when a user actually clicks on their ad, hence the name “pay-per-click.”

Other forms of PPC advertising include display advertising (typically, serving banner ads) and remarketing.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?

In order for ads to appear alongside the results on a search engine (commonly referred to as a Search Engine Results Page, or SERP), advertisers cannot simply pay more to ensure that their ads appear more prominently than their competitor’s ads. Instead, ads are subject to what is known as the Ad Auction, an entirely automated process that Google and other major search engines use to determine the relevance and validity of advertisements that appear on their SERPs.

Need help with your PPC ad campaigns? Check out our free, beginner’s guide to Google Ads.

How Keywords Work in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

As its name implies, the Ad Auction is a bidding system. This means that advertisers must bid on the terms they want to “trigger,” or display, their ads. These terms are known as keywords.

Say, for example, that your business specializes in “camping equipment”. A user wanting to purchase a new tent, sleeping bag, or portable stove might enter the keyword “camping equipment” into a search engine to find retailers offering these items.

At the moment the user submits their search query, the search engine performs the complex algorithmic calculations that the Ad Auction is based upon. This determines which ads are displayed, in which order, and by which advertiser.

Since you have to pay for each click on your ads, it’s imperative to only bid on keywords that are relevant to your business, so you can be sure to get ROI from your ad spend. A keyword tool can help you find the right keywords to bid on that are both likely to drive sales or conversions and are not prohibitively expensive.

Mr Webs Expert: Actionable Insight into Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns

There you have it! Pay-per-click, explained.

Although the basics of pay-per-click advertising are simple, managing a successful paid search account can be anything but. Many advertisers simply cannot devote the time and effort required to stay abreast of developments to Google AdWords and Bing Ads, and many are missing valuable opportunities to grow their business through PPC.

Mr Webs Expert can help.

Our suite of free tools, as well as our trusted Mr Webs Expert Advisor software platform, demystify pay-per-click advertising management and allow you to focus on what really matters – growing your business and helping your customers. Mr Webs Expert tools can help you every step of the way, whether you’re an experienced PPC advertiser or are new to the world of paid search.

Mr Webs Expert free search marketing tools connect securely to your Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts, enabling you to see, at a glance, a wealth of data from your campaigns that would be otherwise difficult to access in one centralized location. Based on this data, you can take steps to optimize your AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns to increase conversions, maximize return on investment, and grow your business.

We can provide insight into actionable data, including:

  • Keywords, including top-performing search terms
  • Negative keywords that can save you money
  • Conversions
  • Ad performance information
  • Bid optimization suggestions

Check out this guide full of best practices & tips to getting started with Google Ads.

Master Pay-Per-Click Advertising with Mr Webs Expert Advisor

Mr Webs Expert Advisor takes the headache out of pay-per-click advertising. With the 20-Minute PPC Work Week system, you can discover new opportunities, optimize your account, and adjust your ad spend to align with your paid search goals.

Mr Webs Expert Advisor’s automated alerts will notify you of areas in which immediate action can be taken to yield better results and make suggestions on which areas of your account can be improved. Mr Webs Expert Advisor will allow you to:

  • Discover new keywords
  • Create logically organized ad groups
  • Identify negative keywords that could be wasting your ad budget
  • Improve your ad copy
  • Create compelling, relevant landing pages

Mr Webs Expert is a pay-per-click advertising agency that can help you achieve your pay-per-click advertising goals. To find out how, try our free AdWords Performance Grader Plus to assess the strength of your AdWords account, or get access to a free trial of Mr Webs Expert Advisor and discover how much easier paid search can be.

WHY Mr Webs Expert?

Mr Webs Expert has a proven track record of crafting PPC campaigns that meet your business objectives without breaking the bank. We have worked across several industries that have enabled our R&D team to gain vastly diversified knowledge on what works and what doesn’t in the digital space.

We start off with fully intimating ourselves with your brand (hey, it’s part of the job) – and understanding your competition, industry, business model, and brand. Once we know you like the back of our hand, we get to work on creating a campaign that prioritizes your business objectives.

Our next step is to create distinct buyer personas that identify the segments of your audience. These are broken down in terms of your priorities – be it consumer behavior, demographics, geographical locations, occupation, or a combination of the stated factors. After segmenting, we tailor messages for each segment based on their unique characteristics. Every month wraps up with detailed reports on how many leads we generated for your business, along with the tangible value we brought to the table. If this seems like a service you need for your business. If you any questions or won’t rank your website with Google PPC service contact us now.